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Different can be perfect

Fetching Apparel donates 40% of profits to animal rescues. Go get it! at Fetching-Apparel.com

Hi! I’m Chickie.

I’m told I’m SUPER cute and a really special girl filled with lots of love. I feel it, too. Sometimes when I’m with the sweet humans at the Richmond SPCA, my heart just wants to burst. I love, love, LOVE people.

Fetching Apparel donates 40% of profits to animal rescues. Go get it! at Fetching-Apparel.comRichmond SPCA for Fetching-Apparel.com

So why have I spent so much of my life in shelters? I mean, I’m a little more than a year old now and I’m so ready for a forever home. Well – apparently I’m different.

Here’s what the doctors have said (BIG words alert): I have a deformity of my thoracic-lumbar spine and secondary limb deformities that are likely congenital. The good news is, they think my spinal lesion is not progressive and it shouldn’t get worse over time.

It all started when my precious Richmond SPCA people noticed I was walking funny. They took me for orthopedic and neurological testing. That’s how they figured it all out.

But this doesn’t mean I won’t make a great pet!!! I promise, promise, PROMISE.

You just have to know a few things before you decide I’m the perfect pet for you. I think somebody will think that, don’t you?!

Fetching Apparel donates 40% of profits to animal rescues. Go get it! at Fetching-Apparel.comRichmond SPCA for Fetching-A

I’ll definitely do best in a home without stairs. Up down, up down is a lot of hard work for a pup like me. I’ve had trainers teaching me plenty of skills for living in a home and my new family should plan to continue working with me. You should see all the progress I’ve made with my manners though!  P.S. I respond really well to reward-based training. Hint, hint…stock up on those little training treats. YUM, YUM.

So, what do you think? Want to meet me? Learn more here.

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Richmond VA Go get it! tee. Fetching Apparel donates 40% of profits to animal rescues and spay/neuter programs.Fetching-Apparel.com

The dog you see on their shirts also lived in a shelter for awhile. His name is Jeffrey and thankfully he’s already found his forever home. I hope I get mine soon!!!


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