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This racerback tank top, modeled by Olivia Caridi, is super comfortable and lightweight, not to mention cute!

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Shop for a cause at www.Fetching-Apparel.com. Our new racerbank tanks, modeled by Olivia Caridi, are very popular.

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Go get it! is the slogan of Fetching-Apparel.com. Whether you're playing fetch with your pups or chasing your dreams, GO GET IT! This poolside photo shoot with model Olivia Caridi.

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Use our September FREE SHIPPING coupon code: CHARLIESANGELS to save even more on your order and to help Asheville-area animal rescue group Charlie’s Angels.

Shop now at Fetching-Apparel.com! We donate 40% of profits to animal rescue and spay/neuter efforts.

Fetching Apparel Classic Toddler Tees - Go Get ItSave 38% on these cute kids' tees!
Fetching Apparel Classic Kids' Tees in pink and blueFetching-Apparel.com
Support Fetching Apparel and helps homeless pets and spay/neuter efforts.

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Shop now at Fetching-Apparel.com!

Help homeless pets!

A whopping 40% of Fetching Apparel profits go to animal rescue organizations and spay/neuter programs!

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