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A lifesaving friendship; the ultimate pet therapy

Honey (Honeygirl) found me 10 years ago (February, 2009) in Appalachia after I had suffered the tragic loss of my full-term daughter and nearly  died of pre-eclampsia. 

Heartbroken and suffering from post-traumatic stress, I was drowning in grief when my husband visited the Johnson City, TN shelter and discovered Honey. He asked me to stop by and meet her. She greeted me lovingly, like a long lost friend.  

I noticed that she recently delivered puppies and was urgently looking for them. I asked the ladies in the office and was told her puppies had been euthanized. That is when I knew she was going home with me. I knew in my heart that we belonged together; the shared pain of recent loss connected our souls.

Rebecca Pepin | Fetching Apparel Honey and Jeffrey (the Fetching Apparel rescue dog) became fast friends. They loved each other dearly!

Little did I know was that Honey would save my life and return joy to my heart. I always told her that we had the same heart. We were soulmates.

Rebecca Pepin | Fetching Apparel

Honeygirl and I  enjoyed 5 wonderful years hiking in the southwest Virginia area. My therapy was walking through the woods with this sweet friend. She comforted me when I cried and acted goofy when I needed to laugh as she taught me how to live again.

In 2013 I was blessed with another daughter named Gabriella, who Honey has helped raise.  They have slept together and eaten meals together for the last (almost 6) years. 

Rebecca Pepin | Fetching Apparel

Needless to say, my young daughter is also heartbroken at the loss of our dear friend.

My beloved best friend Honey left this earth on February 27th, 2019.  Honey was dearly loved by all that knew her. She was joyous, smart, loyal, loving and brave.  I am at a loss of how to live without the comfort of her friendship.

My sweet friend died of undiagnosed pancreatic cancer. She did not show any signs or symptoms until her body completely crashed.   I think that she was protecting me and hanging on as long as she possibly could.  As she was taking her last breath, I held my sweet friend in my arms and thanked her over and over for saving my life and taking such good care of me.

Taking one day at a time, I am trying to fill my life with joy as a tribute to Honey, as I know she was here to teach me about happiness and love.   I often think of how lucky I am to have experienced a love so deep that it would cause the farewell to be so heart wrenching.

After losing her daughter, Honey helped Paige Becker learn to enjoy life again. Laugh again. Read more in the Fetching-Apparel.com blog. Fetching Apparel donates 40% of profits to animal rescues!

I am honored this beautiful soul chose to share her life with me.

Honeygirl, the heavens must have sung out of joy when you returned.  How proud the angels must be of you! 

God Bless you, my sweet friend.

You should try to hear the name the Holy Ones have for things.
People name everything according to the number of legs they have.
The Holy Ones name them according to what they have inside.

~ Rumi


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