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Biting off more than you can chew!

Fetching Apparel Dasher Pic Stitch

“I recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone, I certainly do.”
— Alanis Morissette

Well, we’ve done it…and it’s a lot to chew!

So excited to be launching Fetching Apparel in support of our four-legged friends who need a helping paw, but I just had to take it one step farther.

New business – CHECK!
Small children (4 yrs & 2 yrs) and a shelter dog with separation anxiety at home – CHECK!
Work evenings (news anchor/reporter) – CHECK!
Adopt ANOTHER shelter dog…a PUPPY?!?!   Cue the sound of a record coming to a screeching, scratching halt. CHECK. Alanis would be proud.

While working with an area shelter concerning our “PickMe! Cam,” I had to walk back and forth where the dogs and cats were housed. Back and forth – bark, bark, sad eyes.

‘Maybe I’ll just take one for a walk?’

‘Maybe my family could just foster one?’

So, that happened.

Turns out, we are foster failures. I learned that term while interviewing NASCAR wife and animal activist Krissie Newman. She used it to refer to herself after ending up with yet another dog in her already pup-filled home. We’re only human, right?!

Back at my house, our elder statesman – an 8-year-old shelter dog named Jeffrey (the inspiration for the Fetching Apparel logo!) – is adjusting to the spunky new kid, and even enjoying his company…when the pup is not nipping at his heels and neck.

And, from furniture to the kids’ toys, the little man is definitely biting off as much as he can chew (even with a basket of dog toys at his disposal)!


Please stay tuned…and thank you for supporting Fetching Apparel!!

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4 thoughts on “Biting off more than you can chew!

  1. Have you tried a kong filled with peanut butter? Although, the elder statesman (or the kids!) might hijack it. You may have to just wait this puppy phase out much like you are likely waiting the troublesome toddler years out. Ah, small bites are boring. Chew away my friend. You are built for it.
    Congratulations on the launch!

  2. First: your new pup’s adorable!!! (Though he’s not as adorable as the baby hugging him!) Second: try Bitter Apple. The brief chewing phase my dog went through was cured with this stuff. It makes the legs of furniture (for example) very bitter. I remember it being a gel that you spread on stuff. It won’t hurt furniture or anything you put it on..and of course, won’t hurt your pup. LOVING my Fetching Tee!!!! I always get compliments.

    • Well thank you, Annie.
      Ahhhh, the Bitter Apple. We wore that out when Jeffrey (the pup in our logo!) was devouring our door jambs and windowsills. Had forgotten about that — great suggestion! We’ll have to coat everything in the house for this new little guy. 🙂 So glad you’re enjoying your tee!! Thank you for all you do to support Fetching Apparel. xoxo

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