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Facing the Facts About Puppy Mills: An Infographic

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog about puppy mills to help you get the facts and make sure you aren’t unknowingly buying a mill puppy; this infographic goes along with that post. The information cited is on ASPCA.org and HumaneSociety.org.

The best way you can help solve this problem long-term is to support organizations that are fighting to save these pets! At Fetching Apparel, we give a whopping 40% of our profits to no-kill animal shelters, spay & neuter clinics and other great organizations that share our vision. We invite you to read our story and browse our store.  You’ll not only find great looking tees, hats and other accessories, but you’ll be part of something much bigger – helping organizations that are dedicated to saving pets from terrible situations such as these, and placing them in loving homes.

Click the infographic to view it full-screen in a new window.

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