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Fetching models draw attention!

Kath Eats Blog

Our stunning Fetching Apparel models, Angela Yingling and her handsome rescue dog Kingston, recently caught the attention of fellow blogger Sadie & Co, who has nominated us for ‘The Lovely Blog Award!’

In our November, 2014 post ‘All because of a dog,’ we told the story of how Angela volunteered, through the Southeast German Shepherd Rescue, to transport Kingston to a foster family, but then fell in love with this magnificent creature.

Fetching Apparel models Angela Yingling and KingstonRebecca Pepin | Fetching Apparel

Photos by Brent Treash

Here’s Sadie’s comment:

“We love this story of your customer Angela and how she and her dog became family. She looks great in the Fetching Apparel too! It’s great that you support the Spay & Neuter program and that is why we are nominating you for ‘The Lovely Blog Award.’
– Sadie & Co.

Well thank you, Sadie & Co! We are thrilled and grateful to you for the nomination. We are new to blogging and you have been a wonderful mentor for us. We are particularly excited about your newly released book ‘Henry Says Hello!’ Your illustrations are stunning and you share an important message to children to help prevent dog bites.

As a ‘Lovely Blog Award’ nominee, we must now share 7 things about the Fetching Apparel blogger (me) and nominate 15 other bloggers we admire.

Here it goes!

1. I’m a news anchor for WCYB & WEMT in Bristol, VA/TN
2. I grew up in Ontario, Canada
3. My husband and I have two children and two shelter pets!
4. I once rollerbladed 87 miles for charity ( so much fun!)
5. In 2006 I became an American citizen
6. I’m the founder and editorial director of a coffee table book to raise money for wounded veterans (Faces of Freedom is available on Amazon!)
7. I love to read but haven’t gotten through a single book since having two children and adopting two shelter pets! So, I often get my lit fix by perusing interesting and informative blogs.

Bravo to the Following Bloggers:

1. OMG! I love Maggie Marton of OMD!
Maggie’s OhMyDog! Blog is full of great information, cute pics and fun contests. She’s an entertaining writer and very knowledgeable on all things dog — and she’s quickly becoming a cat
expert too! Love the personal glimpse we get into her animal-filled house.

Oh My Dog BlogFrom

2. The Lessons From a Paralyzed Dog blog is so uplifting and informative. Sharon Seltzer
Sharon Seltzer, an animal rights writer, had to learn a whole new way of living when her sweet Sophie became paralyzed. I am touched by Sharon’s compassion and how she embraced the
diagnosis, helping Sophie to thrive. This is also a helpful resource for anyone dealing with pet disabilities.

3. Busbee Style
You just have to read Erin Busbee’s opening line to know why I can’t do without this fashion blog: “Look Like You Have Your Act Together (…Even When you Don’t)”
And I don’t when it comes to fashion!! So thank you, Erin for the fabulous style tips. Keep them coming!!

From busbeestyle.comFrom

4. Annienymotee’s Undershirts for Women save me time and money! These fabulous undershirts protect your clothing without adding bulk and they’re also perfect for nursing moms. Plus I go to the dry cleaner way less often than I used to. And, as someone who has to go on TV every night in this high def. world, I love Annie’s tips for keeping your clothes looking new.

From Annienymotee.comFrom

5. Nathan Mays Photography
This blog is eye candy! Nathan is not only one of our Fetching Apparel photographers, he’s also involved in high fashion photography and I
love to check it out. Nathan is incredible with lighting and creativity and I can’t get enough of the images he shares.

6. Sherri Jessee
I like to live vicariously through Sherri. When she’s not working at her salon, she’s traveling the world or styling celebrities. Sherri is
fabulously talented and can work magic when it comes to hair and makeup. I love reading about her latest adventures and accolades.

Sherri Jessee style blogFrom

7. MJ Photography
It’s tough to photograph your pets, right?! Well, Mandy has some helpful advice on the subject. Plus her pics are downright adorable
and well shot.

8. I Still Want More Puppies
C’mon…you had me at PUPPIES!!! Love this blog!

9. This Goat’s Life
I grew up with goats and I find them full of character and charm.
I check in on this blog from time to time to get my kid fix.

This Goats LifeFrom

10. No Dog About It
If the great content and topics don’t get you hooked, Wordless Wednesday will!

11. Stroller in the City
Brianne is a fashion industry guru, so you can bet I’m following her Kids Style File. Love checking out her favorite brands and learning about the latest trends for little ones as we get ready to expand our Fetching Apparel product line.

Stroller In The CityFrom

12. The Pet Blog Lady
The fact that Lisa is from British Columbia, Canada caught my eye; her dedication to advocacy for unwanted pets keeps me coming back.

13. Kath Eats
A mommy after my own heart (and hunger for whole foods!). She’s also a fellow Virginian and I hope to one day visit her family’s bakery!!

Kath Eats BlogFrom

14. Katy in a Corner
Katy cracks me up. I’ve been checking in on her blog since her brother (who was a reporter at the news station where I work) told me about her site. Katy is honest and sincere and I truly appreciate her posts.

15. The Cooking Mom
I’m always looking for healthy (and delicious) meal ideas for the kids that don’t take a ton of time to make. Thank you, Amy!


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