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Former puppy mill pooch ready for his close-up

Former puppy mill pooch Henry poses for a picture.

This precious little ball of fluff with the puffy fur pants is hoping you’ll vote for him in a photo contest going on right now.

I’ve been voting daily!

It’s through Modern Dog Magazine and the winner walks away with a photo shoot and will appear in an upcoming issue. You’ve got a few weeks left to weigh in.

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s not just because I absolutely love this photograph of Henry that I keep casting my digital ballot – it’s also because he’s my sister’s dog. Yep, my nephew of sorts.

But there’s more to my support than pure favoritism.

Henry and his sister Reese are former puppy mill dogs. Reese isn’t entered in the contest because she still too traumatized to go through the ordeal of a photo shoot.

The owner of these puppy mill pups works to raise awareness about the problem.Sadie & Co.

“Henry doesn’t remember much about his time in the mill,” said his mommy Sadie.  “Reese, however, spent more than 18 months in her tiny, suspended wire cage.  She served her time having puppies to be shipped off to pet stores. Reese is missing several teeth, and both Henry and Reese have health issues – quite likely as a result of neglect.”

Despite this unfair start in life, Henry’s family doesn’t dwell on the past.

These pups came from a puppy mill but now live a happy life.Sadie & Co.

“Henry and Reese are so very loved, and although Reese can be fearful and reserved at times, she is a happy girl,” said Sadie. “I’m her protector and I won’t set her up for failure by putting her in a situation that may prove too much for her. We monitor social outings and events very carefully when it comes to Reese’s attendance. Henry is the complete opposite; confident and a social butterfly.”

And that makes him the perfect little ambassador for puppy mill pets everywhere.

Henry is a former puppy mill dog but was rescued and is very happy now!Sadie & Co.

“He’s friendly and funny and has great energy around people of all ages and is also great with other dogs,” said Sadie.

Sadie even wrote a book about Henry as a way to educate people about being respectful of animals. ‘Henry Says Hello’ also reminds little ones to always ask before petting an unfamiliar dog. She is hoping her book will help cut down on dog bites, which are so often preventable.

Henry is a former puppy mill dog. There's now a book about him called 'Henry Says Hello."Sadie & Co.

Always with a message in mind, Sadie is trying to get the word out about Henry’s entry into the Modern Dog Magazine contest. And along with votes, your comments could make all the difference.

“Modern Dog Magazine states the winner will be determined by the number of votes received,” said Sadie. “However, it is possible that someone might read a comment shared by one of his fans on his contest page, and he will be given the opportunity of a photo shoot, regardless of votes! If Henry wins this competition, it would be an opportunity to generate puppy mill awareness to a far greater audience.”

Painting of a former puppy mill pup. Painting by Sadie & Co. StudioSadie & Co. Studio

(Sadie is a blogger, artist and regular volunteer. She’s been involved in transporting animals to and from vet appointments, cat cuddling (brushing and socializing them) and a foster parenting. She also takes adoption profile photos of the cats and has worked on fundraising projects for her local shelter and a few other rescue organizations across North America.)

Featured image courtesy of GillyFace Photos.

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