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Kitten captures vet assistant’s heart

A heartwarming adoption story from the blog. Learn more about this vet assistant and her kitten.

A woman walked into the MBM Spay/Neuter Clinic in Bristol, VA carrying kittens in her coat. Veterinarian assistant Courtney Palmer’s ears perked up.

“I heard them talking about finding them homes,” said Courtney. “I came right over and picked up two of them. I loved them both but this one just kept meowing and loving on me.”

There was no turning back.

This little gray kitten is now part of Courtney’s big animal family. She already has six rescue dogs – and they too have really taken to the tiny fur ball.

This is a vet assistant with the MBM Spay/Neuter Clinic. She recently adopted this little gray

It all started when a local lady came in to get her cat spayed.

“She was going to take the kittens to an animal shelter,” said MBM’s development director Susan Taylor. “But she was under the impression the county shelters were no-kill facilities. But there is only one no-kill facility in our area and it’s almost always full.”

The MBM staff tried to find a better solution.

“We are using our feline fund money to vaccinate and spay/neuter all four of the babies on the condition that she either keep or find homes for the kittens,” said Taylor.

Courtney couldn’t resist.

“It’s really hard because I’m an animal person,” said Courtney. “I already have too many but I always think ‘this one needs to come home with me.’ I foster too but it’s so easy to get attached.”

Her husband protested the idea of bringing the kitten home but Courtney overruled the decision. Turns out, hubby has a soft spot too.

“I walked through the door holding the kitty and he just took her out of my arms and she crawled up around his neck,” said Courtney. “They’re best friends now.”

Chloe is not only cute, she’s playful, affectionate…and a bed hog.

Chloe the kitten enjoys her new digs at the home of a MBM Spay/Neuter Clinic vet assistant. is donating 40% of profits to the clinic during June of

“She basically said, ‘I may be just a one-pound kitty cat but this bed is mine now!” laughed Courtney. “She takes my pillow and sometimes she’ll start massaging my back because she wants to play instead of going to sleep.”

Hopefully the family gets this shut-eye situation sorted out before Courtney applies to vet school in less than a year. She’ll need all the Zs she can get!
And I think it’s pretty safe to say that over the course of her career, she’ll be bringing even more creatures into her home.

“It’s the highlight of my day to come to work and see all the animals. They make me so happy!”

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