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Oh my dog, let’s shop!

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but online shopping is so delightful!

And when it comes to filling your pet’s stocking – I mean sending your pet’s wish list to Santa (wink), OhMyDog blogger Maggie Marton has some holiday gift ideas that your furry friend will EAT UP! Or simply chew or play with or snuggle.

Maggie used to work in marketing at an architecture firm, but she craved something more creative. Then layoffs in 2010 gave her the little nudge she’d been needing to take a different career path.

Since then she has penned a book, Clicker Dog Training: The Better Path to a Well-Behaved Pup, written countless articles for Pet Age Magazine and was a regular go-to expert for NBC’s Pet Side before it shut down. And that’s just a sampling of this busy writer’s resume.

But let’s get to the fun stuff she’s been up to the past couple of months!

Maggie has been testing, stretching, pulling, plying, throwing, tasting (okay, her dogs and cat have been handling that task), dropping, dragging, holding, heaving, fetching (again, the dogs) and otherwise analyzing plenty of pet products. All so she could compile a list of OhMyDog-approved items for your four-legged family members in her 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

Maggie accomplished all in a chaos-filled home. She and her husband have 3 dogs and a cat named Newt who gets everyone up each morning – cuz it’s BREAKFAST TIME, PEOPLE!! Then there’s their 4-year-old pit bull Cooper: he suffers from idiopathic epileptic seizures and, of all things, he’s allergic to dog food. Cooper is the product of a backyard breeder. He’s one of the lucky dogs though; he ended up in a loving home alongside his fellow shelter pups Emmett and Lucas.

All the creatures in the OhMyDog/Maggie Marton household have very different personalities. It’s the perfect combination for trying out pet products designed for dogs of all temperaments. Cooper gives the food products a pass, but when it comes to testing durability, he’s your man!

“He can shred anything in about a minute,” said Maggie.

Maggie hasn’t included anything in her Holiday Gift Guide that she hasn’t put her hands on, and you can bet at least one of her dogs has had his paws on it.

Unless it’s something like a bicycle basket for little dogs.

“That just doesn’t work for my dogs,” laughed Maggie, who had a friend and her friend’s dog put the basket through its paces.
After vetting hundreds of products, Maggie has narrowed down the list. She is highlighting 4-7 products each day through Sunday. Watch for Fetching Apparel to be featured on Thursday – a day devoted to gifts that give back.

“That day is my favorite,” said Maggie. “It’s cool stuff that also helps the community.”

And, by the way, each day of the OhMyDogBlog.com 2014 Holiday Gift Guide will include special offers and giveaways.

“This gives everyone a chance to find something they really love,” said Maggie, who enjoys discovering new products each year. “One online retailer guided me to a few mom and pop retailers I never would have found otherwise. Like Raw Bistro Pet Fair. I am so excited about these treats. They’re sort of like jerky, but all they have in them is bison liver and flax seed. And it’s free-range bison. This stuff is good for dogs like Cooper who can’t eat a bunch of additives. This year we’re focusing on made in America products and this is made in Minnesota – sourced in the U.S.”

So what happens to all the perfectly magnificent leftover merchandise? Newt, Cooper, Emmett and Lucas certainly can’t nibble on and romp around with all those items!

This cancer survivor and homeless pet adopter extraordinaire is all about compassion and causes. Maggie is already bagging up treats and toys to deliver to her local shelter around Thanksgiving. Let’s give Maggie a round of our paws!

Do you have a favorite pet product or company you’d like to share with our readers? Please let us know!

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