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Shelter volunteer gives pet a “new leash on life”

New Leash on Life is a rescue facility in Lebanon, TN doing great work. Fetching Apparel is thrilled to be donating 40% of profits to this worthy group for the month of May 2016.

It was a rough beginning for little Austin, but thanks to a dedicated volunteer at the New Leash on Life (NLOL) facility in Lebanon, TN, his life has completely changed.

Austin is now is part of my pack,” said Paula Applegate. “He had been at the shelter for 8 months and was really struggling.”

But Paula was able to make a connection. Although, as the shelter’s executive director Angela Chapman explains, it wasn’t easy.

“Austin was a long-termer here,” she said. “He did not show well. When potential adopters came through he often snarled or barked at the door of his kennel. Though we knew he was very friendly, that just didn’t come across to adopters.”

Enter Paula, who helps out at New Leash on Life every Saturday.

She’s known for bringing in doughnuts for the staff and tirelessly doing dishes, laundry, cleaning cages, walking dogs and any other task that needs to be done. She also helps out with pet adoption days at Petco. Recently, she helped set up an account at O’Reilly Auto Parts to save NLOL money every time one of the facility’s vehicles needs a repair.

And when it came to Austin, she offered the same dedication and determination.

“Paula worked with Austin and worked with Austin,” said Angela. “Eventually, she decided he would be a great addition to her pack. Austin now lives happily with Paula and her other dogs. We are so happy for Austin and so grateful to Paula!”

Paula returns the praise for the workers at New Leash on Life.

“The people at NLOL restore my faith in people,” she said. “They do what they love with a passion that is uplifting.”

New Leash on Life volunteer Paul Applegate has adopted 7 rescue dogs. is donating 40% of profits to NLOL for the month of

Just like the story of Austin – uplifting. He’s now one of seven dogs that Paula rescued from less than ideal situations.

“He’s an odd boy, but he’s my boy,” she smiled.

Sweet Austin was rescued by a volunteer at New Leash on Life in Lebanon, TN. For the month of May, is donating 40% of profits to

If you would like to support New Leash on Life, please click here to shop now at We are donating 40% of profits to NLOL during the month of May. Thank you for all you do New Leash on Life!

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