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A small, rural Virginia rescue with a big heart

Meet Roxie.  Roxie is an older terrier mix who found herself in a rural North Carolina shelter.

Little Roxie was saved by Lost Fantasy Rescue out of Whytheville, VA. The volunteers at LFR know that every dog deserves a chance to feel love!

Roxie on her transport day.

Surrendered by her owners, Roxie was thin, missing hair and full of fleas.  Her teeth were in poor shape and she had an obvious mammary tumor.  Together, these things posed serious barriers to Roxie finding herself a new home before her hold time was up at the shelter.

For dogs at kill shelters, this means certain euthanasia.  Luckily, one of Lost Fantasy Rescue’s volunteer fosters heard about Roxie and arranged to have her pulled into the rescue.  “I couldn’t just let her die in the shelter,” said the volunteer.  “Older dogs like Roxie still have love to give!”

Lost Fantasy Rescue is a small rescue in Ceres, Virginia.  Ceres is nestled in-between the arms of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest.  From this small town, the founder of Lost Fantasy Rescue, Sarah Dutton, focuses her efforts on bringing dogs, cats, horses and small critters into her rescue who otherwise might not have the chance to leave the rural shelters they find themselves in.

Sarah and her band of dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to rehabilitate sick, older and young animals that have been abandoned or abused.  Most animals taken into the rescue are sent to larger rescues once they are healthy enough.  “It’s hard to find folks who want to adopt animals in this area,” said Sarah. “Most people can’t afford the animals they have.  Pet overpopulation and indiscriminate breeding are common in this area.” This means that the rescue often finds itself paying out for vetting and care more than it takes in in adoption fees.

“Our donors make this work possible.  Without them, we wouldn’t have a rescue,” Sarah shared.

Bluetick Mix Puppies Abandoned in a Box and rescued by Lost Fantasy Rescue, one of the charities Fetching Apparel is helping this month. Please shop to help us make a difference for homeless

Puppies found abandoned in a box

Recently the rescue was asked to take in four Bluetick Hound mix puppies that were abandoned on the side of the road in a box.  In that very same week, they also took in a litter of 10 hound mix puppies who were orphaned when their mother died.

Animal Control Officers turn to Lost Fantasy for special needs like these two cases because they know that the rescue ensures proper vetting and care for all of the animals that enter their care.  Horses, ponies, rats, guinea pigs and even a snake have been cared for by the rescue.

The rescue has been in continuous operation since 2004 and in that time they have seen their fair share of difficult cases.  So when it comes to vetting older animals and young vulnerable animals, the rescue has years of experience under its belt.  Sarah even volunteered her expertise in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina and brought home Missy, a pit bull who had been tied in a bathroom without any food or water for 41 days.  “I dedicate the work I do now to animals like Missy who just need a second chance,” said Sarah.

Lost Fantasy Rescue of Ceres, Virginia rescued this dog from hurricane Katrina. Missy had been tied up for 41 days without food. Fetching Apparel is working with LFR for the month of October. When you wear our tees, you're wearing your support for homeless pets on your sleeve. Go get it!

Missy after being found

As for sweet little Roxie, she has been spayed and the vet successfully removed her tumor. Now she’s just ready for someone to take her home and offer her the forever love she deserves.

Little Roxie was rescued by volunteers with Lost Fantasy Rescue in Virginia. They saved her life and now she's ready for a loving home. This month, Fetching Apparel is donating to Lost Fantasy to help with their vet

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