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Spay/Neuter clinic celebrates 100,000 surgeries

What a feat! The Bristol Humane Society’s Margaret B. Mitchell Spay/Neuter Clinic in Bristol, VA is celebrating the fact that they have now spayed and neutered more than 100,000 dogs and cats.

That puts a HUGE dent in the homeless pet population – which has been a problem in this region (southwest Virginia/northeast Tennessee).

It’s a team effort at the MBM clinic.

“Our mission is very rewarding in many different ways,” said MBM’s development director Susan Taylor. “Anyone who loves animals and is aware of the overpopulation crisis knows the importance of spay and neuter. Everyone who works here knows they are a part of a bigger purpose and that makes us all feel satisfied.”

The clinic has a staff of 5 veterinarians, 2 licensed veterinary technicians, 3 veterinary assistants, a transport van driver and several office employees and other support staff.

“We are a very cohesive team that works well together and enhances the performance of one another,” said Taylor. “Each of our positions relies on the competence of the other positions on the team.  We have roughly 15 people working in the building – or transport van – each day and manage to efficiently check-in, examine, anesthetize, give vaccines, perform surgery on, recover from anesthesia and monitor approximately 60 dogs and cats each day. While doing this we also provide top rate medical care, cleanliness and disease control throughout our 6,000-square-foot facility.  Our office staff is constantly working to fundraise, answer the phones, provide help to people who need additional services, maintain medical records and provide accurate billing and invoices for the thousands of animals we see each year. None of this is possible without a dedicated group of individuals who love animals and want to provide a great service for those who need us.”

The high-volume spay/neuter clinic performs some 10,000 surgeries per year. Want to see the breakdown?

These numbers show the number of surgeries performed so far this year (through the end of May). And the averages have been pretty consistent since the opening of the clinic in 2005.

One problem that had been an issue in the past for people in rural areas in our region was the lack of transportation or resources. The trip to the clinic can take nearly two hours each way for some people in the coverage area. That’s why MBM introduced its outreach program.

“Our transport program accounts for approximately 26% of our total surgeries, while we check-in the remaining 74% of our patients through the front door each day,” said Taylor. “We have developed high quality medical protocols that pet owners have grown to trust and thus feel safe when leaving their pets with us for surgery.”

The clinic offers services at a very low cost:

All dogs: $60
Female cats: $55
Male cats: $40
Microchipping: $20
Supplemental pain medication: $2
All vaccines: $10
Heartworm and/or Feline Leukemia testing: $15
Flea/tick treatment: $15

The clinic also began offering monthly vaccination clinics at the end of 2015 in order to better serve the animal lovers in our region. The clinics take place on a SCHEDULED Friday each month and offer vaccines at $15 each as a walk-in service. No appointment is needed and there is no examination fee.

“We started this in an effort to provide affordable vaccinations for pet owners who want to do the right thing for their dog or cat (keeping vaccines up to date) but can’t necessarily afford to do this at a full service veterinary clinic,” said Taylor.

MBM is a non-profit operation and is able to charge such small fees thanks to its generous donors, successful fundraising events and grants.

“We do receive special pricing on a lot of our materials and medications but we still put money towards every single spay or neuter surgery that we perform,” explained Taylor. “Our intention is to keep the cost of surgery as low as possible so that as many people as possible can afford this service. The fees that we charge for surgery do not cover the expenses that are needed per animal. Thus, we continue to find ways to raise funds and write grants to help offset the deficit in order to keep our prices reasonable.”

As the clinic celebrates 100,000 thousand surgeries, staff members want to say a huge thank you to the community they serve.

“The support of the community has played a major role in the success of our clinic,” said Taylor. “We are also appreciative of many generous donors.  We measure our success by the satisfied customers, healthy animals and the impact our service has on our region.  We take pride in making a dent in the overpopulation crisis and shelter intake numbers in the areas that we serve.  We want to be part of the solution!”

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