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You did what? On the WHAT??

Fetching Apparel - chewing puppy blog post

So, our new and precious little shelter pup has truly been an angel since we brought him home more than two months ago.

Except for the time he chewed my cute, yellow Boden flats. You had to go for those, Dasher?

Oh, and then he gnawed apart that lamp cord (thankfully not plugged in!).

Now in his defense concerning the rain coat incident, who zips dog treats in a mesh pocket then hangs the jacket in plain view? I mean, really.

I guess he did destroy his bed though.
He also ripped apart a cardboard box and annihilated the Styrofoam packaging for my daughter’s big-girl bed rails. May as well mention that there are a few teeth marks on said bed rails.

Hmmm…starting to lose count of the number of leashes and harnesses he has eaten.

Alright, it’s possible that “angel” may be a slight exaggeration. But, up until recently, Dasher’s track record in the potty department had been impeccable. Impressive for a little guy; we’re guessing he’s about 8 months.

Then, cue the flood gates.

First incident was a leg lift on OUR CURTAINS. Did the floral pattern look wilted? So far no motive has been determined, but we figured it was an anomaly. We had gotten quite busy and perhaps we should be more mindful of Dasher’s puppy status? Take him out every two hours instead of 2.5 or 3? Okay, plan in place.

Next day, after being outside for a LONG time, it appeared he simply didn’t have to go. Back inside – same room, new spot. Whoosh.

Middle of the night 48 hours later, look out rocking horse!

Time for a trip to the vet? Agreed.

Then it stopped.

Fast forward two weeks, another puddle.

We’re making that appointment.

This sweet and loving, freckle-faced cuddle bug, who is so well-behaved (ahem) in every other way, must be having a medical issue, right? Please let me know if you have any experience with this!



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